T-Rexico loves to explore! She is new to Manzul Island and is trying to fit in with her all-new herbivore acquaintances. When she isn’t being a detective, T-Rexico listens to music, fishes on the nearest coast, and shops for new hats. She longs for new experiences and friends.

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Gender: Female
Height: 4’5″
Likes: Fishing, exploring, music, food, video games

This guy’s favorite past time is hunting for treasure. He usually doesn’t find it, but he still loves the thrill of low odds. He’s a longtime resident of Manzul Island and loves to learn more about his home. When he isn’t investigating the latest crime with T-Rexico, he loves to lounge in open areas, soaking up the sun. He insists on sleeping on a haystack.

Species: Apatosaurus
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7″
Likes: Fine arts, traveling, games, cartoons, napping, leaves

Platanodactyl is a trickster. He’s been (reluctantly) working at the post office for as long as everyone can remember. When he’s not on the clock, he gets a kick out of spying on others and gossiping. He occasionally delivers mail to the wrong address on purpose, only to blame it on colleagues he doesn’t like. He’s often grumpy and passive aggressive, but underneath it all he’s actually a big insecure softie that wants nothing more than validation from his peers.

Species: Pterodactyl
Gender: Male
Height: 2’2″
Likes: Tricks, jokes, sneaking around, eavesdropping, bananas, flying

The current mayor of Manzul Island, Terratops loves what she does. When she isn’t doing her political duty, she’s usually baking sweets, tending to her apple orchard, and playing card games.

Species: Triceratops
Gender: Female
Height: 4’7″
Likes: Gardening, baking, law and order, astronomy

One of the senior sheriffs of Manzul Island, this little guy proves little things come in big packages. He sometimes needs a confidence boost, and may be occasionally incompetent at his job, but he cares about protecting everyone on the island. He tends to forget his pin number a lot.

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Gender: Male
Height: 3’4″
Likes: Respect from others, sugary foods, western films